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The Arsenal: 5 May 2009

May 5th, 2009 · No Comments

Three good things that are making my world a better place:

  • Newstalk (language)
    You can learn a little about a lot of things by watching those yappy news shows on CNN, MSNBC and even, yes, on Fox. One thing that you might discover nightly is at least one gem of a phrase, uttered by either the host or an overzealous guest, that is worthy of being added to the contemporary lexicon. Check out these two linguistic jewels, heard last week on MSNBC:

    system of cascading failure (probably referring to something economic)


    ethical pretzel (used by Keith Olbermann, describing John McCain’s seemingly evasive stance on torture).

  • Scrubbing Bubbles (home implement)
    It’s hard to believe that the product name is actually “Scrubbing Bubbles.” I figured that was just the gimmick, the draw, and very effective branding. But you know what? This stuff works really, really well! One spray and a few hours later all that soap scum wipes right off. What a relief it was this past week to find something that works so easily and so effectively after years of trying to scour the tub clean with a sponge, some Comet cleanser and a whole lot of elbow grease.
  • Go, Scrubbing Bubble, go!

  • House Numbers (visual aids)
    House numbers have been coming in handy for my work lately.  People with clearly-seen house numbers are saints, in my book.  People without them, not so hot (and thanks for not putting your house number on your mailbox, either).  Today I arrived home and noticed that neither the front of my house or the mailbox had the house number displayed.  Classic!  So now I’m looking for some appropriate house numbers for my swinging pad.

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