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Harry to Mary: 31 January 1946

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[Letter addressed to Mrs. Harry V. C., c/o Mrs. J. W., 20 Block Street, Dundee, Scotland.  Return addressed to Cpl. Harry V. C., 33428766, 1409th A.A.F. Base Unit, E.D.A.T.C. A.P.O. 741 c/o P.M., U.S. Army.]

Jan. 31, 1946

My Dearest Darling Wife:

Just a few lines again today to let you know Mary Darling that I am well and getting along the same as ever.  Darling I pray that this finds you feeling allright and getting along O.K.  Darling I love you with all my heart and I miss you so much.

Well Mary I had an easy day for once.  We were supposed to leave on T.D. to Copenhagen this morning at 10:00 but we are still here.

I got up this morning and went to the hangar the same as usual.  We were supposed to [leave] on a plane, but they put it on another flight.  We got a place and two of us went out and run it up to see if it was O.K.  It checked out allright and we loaded our things on and the equipment ready to go.  They checked the gas and oil and we had to have some of both.  The [crew? Looks like frozn] were to fuel and oil it and the both trucks were empty, so they fooled around till they got another truck.  Darling you should of heard the Lt.  We got ready at last and they taxied up to the ramp and ordered lunches for us.  After we got thru we took off and was up about 30 minutes and turned around and came back.  The officers went to see about getting another ship.  We got one about 1:30 and got it all loaded up ready to go when they canceled the flight.

I guess we will try to go at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning.  That is if the weather is O.K.

Darling I got paid early this morning.  I turned in 2481 franks for 100 kroner so I would have some money to buy something when I get over there.

Dearest have you been getting my letters O.K. lately?  I haven’t received any from you since the 26th.  I checked twice today.  I only hope I hear from you soon Mary Darling.  Your letters mean every thing to me.

Oh, Darling I wish I could be up there with you so we both could forget about writing for a while.  I miss you so awful much.

Well Darling I have two of your precious letters to answer yet so I guess I will try and answer them now.

This is your 10th one I am starting on just now.  I only hope I can answer all your questions.  Darling please forget about not writing for a day or two.  I forgive you for every thing Mary Darling.  I know how you feel some times, and I don’t blame you for not writing.  Darling I will always love you the same even if you would quit writing altogether.  Mary Dearest you are my whole life.  I pray that we are together very soon.  I miss you so awful much.  Please Darling try not to worry so much about me.  I am yours for ever.  I will never stop loving you.  Darling you just don’t know how bad I felt when I had to leave you in London.  I would of done any thing if I could of been with you longer.  I wish the plane would of been canceled so I could of came back in to have been with you a while longer.

Darling please try to get along allright and try to get all the sleep that you can.  I want you to stay allright and not be feeling so bad.  I only hope I can be with you soon, either up there or back in the States.  Mary Darling I guess I know how you feel, and Mary I don’t think you are stupid.  I think you are the sweetest and most precious Darling in the world.

Well Mary Darling I guess that is about all I can answer in your 10th letter.  I guess I will have to start on the 11th one now, so Mary Darling here goes.

Darling after I started this letter I went to the P.X. and had two milk shakes.  I came back and watched a dice game for a while.  Curtis won about 600 franks and Ward won over 3000.  After they finished we went to the P.X. again and I had 3 more milk shakes. 2 big dishes of ice cream with cherries on and one chocolate soda.  I guess I am almost filled up now.  Darling just wait till we are back in the States we will have our share of ice cream.  Darling I am glad you wrote and told me just how you felt in your 10th letter.  Please Mary promise me that you will not stay up so late and try to write to me.  I want your letters so much, but Darling I hate to think of you staying up so late writing them.  Dearest have you and Betty been to see any more good movies?  I wanted to see the movie that is on now but tonight it started at 8 o’clock and that is too late to go.

Well Mary have you seen any more almost fall in the street?  I bet he did look kind of funy.

Dearest you better practice so you can win when you get in another card game.  I only wish I could play like Dad does.  I could win the fellows money then.  I never saw any one that could tell what card you were going to play like he did that night.  Darling I don’t think I could ever win playing with him.

Darling I wish I could of been up there when the streets were all over ice and had a sled like I had back home.  We could of had some time with it.  We used to get 8 or more on and boy it would travel.  One night we were going down the road and a car was following us.  We were going 40 miles an hour.

Darling we will have to make a sled like that when we get back.  I had it tied behind a car one day and he went through a snow drift.  When we got through I had so much snow on me I looked like a snow man.

A gang of the fellows here went into Paris to the skating rink last night.  They said it was so crowded you could hardly move, and the ice had [moths?] on it.  They only stayed a little while.

Mary Darling we will do our skating on roller skates when we get back.  The place we go to is not far from where Kenny and Dorothy live.  Mary have you had any more letters from Kenny or Mom?  I am going to send you one of Kenny’s letters.  The way he said in his letter he must of been doing a little drinking.  Darling that is one thing you will never have to worry about.  I never drank when I was home and I am not going to drink when I get back.  The first drink of whisky I ever had, and the last, was the night we were married.  The most happiest day of my life.

Darling I am going to close for this time.  I am thinking of you every second.  Dearest I pray every night that we are together very soon.  I love you so awful much.

Your Loving and Lonely Husband

31Jun46 drawing

[At the bottom of the page, a heart, drawn in x’s, encloses the words “I love you so awful much Mary.”]

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