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The Buzzbeam

Buzzbeam [buhz´ beem]
1.  Military slang.  a navigational beacon.
2.  to ride the buzzbeam, Military slang.  to follow a navigational beacon.

It’s always nice to have visitors.

Most of the visitors to Spitball Army find this website because a friend mentioned it to them, either by word of mouth or in an e-mail.  That kind of personal referral means a lot.

It is also a pleasant and flattering surprise to get slightly more public notice for the things written about and posted here.  That said, here is how Spitball Army is being mentioned, out and around…

…our buzzbeams, so to speak.

25 April 2008
The Birmingham News’ City Scene
Mary Colurso, writer

Bham News: City Scene, 25 April 2008Bham News: City Scene, 25 April 2008 dateline

17 March 2008
I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning
Elisa M, blogger

I'm Wide Awake: 17 March 2008

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