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My South: A to Z

One of the truly fascinating things about becoming acquainted with writers these days is that the virtual connection (and, thus, interpersonal access) is always live, and the furious torrent of ideas flows relatively non-stop. I glommed onto one of these ideas recently, after seeing that my friend Jane Hammons had joined a small group of folks challenged by Chris Galvin Nguyen to write a series of 26 posts on their blogs following the progression of the English alphabet. She’s called it A to Z: A Blog Tour of the Alphabet. With very little spare time these days, and a writing urge lately unfulfilled, I’ve impractically but enthusiastically hopped on board.

To impose just a wee bit of order to the endeavor, I’ve decided to draw inspiration from this part of the world in which I live: “My South.” I have lived in Birmingham, Alabama, longer than I have lived in any one place in my life – following 18 years in my native San Diego County and a gloriously stimulating nine years in and around Cambridge, Massachusetts – so if I tell you I’ve been stranded in the Bible Belt for 27 years now, you can run around telling people my hastily-calculated age, but you might know little else about me (except that I really did just type “stranded,” and very often mean it). So even though I don’t plan for this to be some kind of daily journal or diary, you’ll probably figure out as much about me personally – besides my age – by reading these A to Z posts as you will about my chosen subjects. That’s just how these things work out.

Anyway, who knows what I’ll be writing about? I sure as hell don’t! Maybe I’ll be writing about YOU (well, probably not, but you never know…)!

Read, and enjoy.

The posts:

A is for abbreviations (4 June 2014)
B is for the things I see from the front yard to the back (7 June 2014)
C is for clouds, carbs, counting and cucumbers (14 June 2014)
D is for Dancing with the Women in the Bar
(19 June 2014)
E is for Echinacea (23 June 2014)
F is for fields and floppy hats (25 June 2014)
G is for
H is for
I is for Irondale (24 June 2014)
J is for
K is for Kelly Ingram Park (27 June 2014)
L is for
M is for Melt and a movie (28 June 2014)
N is for
O is for
P is for pyrotechnics (4 July 2014)
Q is for
R is for Road Trip (22 July 2014)
S is for Signs of the painted variety (15 November 2014)
T is for
U is for urology (or, Examining Walker Evans) (26 June 2014)
V is for
W is for Winn-Dixie (13 November 2014)
X is for
Y is for
Z is for

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  • 1 Chris // Jun 5, 2014 at 2:06 PM

    Welcome aboard, Fred! Glad you’ve joined us despite being so pressed for time these days. I think that’s the biggest challenge for all of us. I wonder about my sanity starting this in June, the month when my garden demands undivided attention. But I figured that if I don’t do it now, I might not ever.
    Great topic choice. Looking forward to learning more about your part of the world and what it’s like to live there. Don’t think I’d do too well stranded in the Bible Belt, but I know there are some upsides too.

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