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Richard to Alice: 9 March 1946

November 20th, 2010 · No Comments

[Written to Alice in Acton, Indiana.  Return addressed: Richard, Ward 11, U.S.N.H., St. Albans, L.I., N.Y.  Postmarked at Jamaica, N.Y., on 11 Mar 1946 at 2:30 P.M.]

Mar. 9, 1946

Hello Sweetheart,

     Do I ever hate to start this letter!  I guess I’m pretty much out of practice but we’ll see.  There isn’t any news to tell you.  When I’m up and arround things happen for me to write about but laying in bed, I don’t even do anything to write about.  Dr. Anderson took me off penecillin last night.  That made me very happy.  I didn’t have to wake up every three hours last night.  The stitches will come out some time next week.

     I received a card in the mail the other day so I’ll just send it on to you.  I won’t use it.  I’m sure I paid Dr. Lentz when we were in his office.  Is my memory slipping?  What did he do?  I thought it was just a cleaning.  Cleaning is only $3 I believe.  I’m sure we paid him on the spot so you will have to talk to him and find out what goes on.

     Have you been down to the bank to see about making that a joint account?  I think it would be a good idea.  It would be much more convenient for you while you are there in town.

     I just can’t write to-day Sweetheart.  If I can’t write a “news” letter, I would like to write a “love” letter or at least a combination of the two.  You’ll have to read between the blanks to find a letter here but I’m sorry.  I love you Sweetheart.  I love you so much I can hardly say it.  I love you so much I can’t think.

     Good-night Sweetheart
          I love you with all my heart
               Pleasant dreams
                    Goodnight Sweetheart
                         x x

     x x — for Junior

Richard to Alice: 9 March 1946

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