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Richard to Alice: 15 February 1946

October 30th, 2010 · No Comments

[Written to Alice in Acton, Indiana.  Return addressed: Richard, Ward 11, U.S.N.H., St. Albans, L.I., N.Y.  Postmarked at Jamaica, N.Y., on 15 Feb 1946 at 1:30 P.M.]

Feb. 15, 1946

Hello Sweetheart,

     What a morning this has been so far.  Half an hour ago it was snowing as hard as it could.  That lasted 15 or 20 minutes and now the sun is shining bright.  There’s quite a wind blowing around the corners though.

     Yesterday’s entertainment was quite different than the last few days.  We had a piano and a baritone, and later in the afternoon we had a movie in the ward.  The movie was “Brigham Young” — Salt Lake City and the Morman’s.  You know the story.  It was only the second time that I had seen it.  I was planning on going down to the auditorium and seeing “Leave Her to Heaven” but I lost track of the time and I was too late getting down there.  Soooo, we played Hearts.

     I did a little washing last night after “lights out.”  I washed a pair of shorts and 3 pair of sox.  I had to – I was wearing my last clean pair.  I wore my undershirt and jacket yesterday and I have it on now.  Nobody has said anything about it yet.  I have to go to the laundry this afternoon – take a shirt down and I should be able to get my others back.

     I received 2 very nice Valentines yesterday.  I’m afraid mine just doesn’t compare with yours though, Sweetheart.  It was all I could get through.

     Sweetheart, in the last letter I got from you, you told me that you got the statement and that we had so much money in the bank.  You didn’t say whether it checked with the stubs though.  Did it?  Did you put the $2,000 in checking?

     About where you stay Sweetheart — I can write to Wingate just as easily as I can Indianapolis and vice versa.  I know you’ll be safe in either place so it doesn’t make any difference.  I just want you to be where you will be the happiest Sweetheart.  Whereever you decide on, Sweetheart, just tell the folks I thought it would be better that way.  That’s the way I want it.

     How did the permanent come out?  O.K. I hope.  I would sure like to see it – or should I say “You.”  I know your hair would be in very good shape for at least 2 minutes after I saw you.  That’s all though.  Would you mind?  I love you Sweetheart and I miss you very much.  Someday – – — !

     Good-night Sweetheart
          I love you with all my heart
               Pleasant dreams
                    Goodnight Sweetheart
                         x x

The train scene from Leave Her to Heaven (1945):

Richard to Alice: 15 February 1946

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