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Richard to Alice: 1 April 1945

August 21st, 2010 · No Comments

[Written to Alice in Frankfort, Indiana.  “Frankfort” crossed out with ink pen and replaced with “Beaumont, Texas, c/o B—- C——-.”  Return addressed: Richard, Co. G, 2nd Bn., 1st Mar., c/o F.P.O., San Francisco, Calif.  Postmarked at U.S. Navy, and at Frankfort, Ind. on 19 Apr 1945, 11 A.M.  Envelope stamped on front, “Passed by Naval Censor,” and initialed by the Censor.]

April 1, 1945

Dear Sweetheart,

     This will just be a short note to let you know that I’m O.K.  There isn’t any news that I know of.  The weather has been pretty good lately.  We’ve had very little rain but it has been fairly cool.  That coolness has been just the thing.  Most of my “odds and ends” are clearing up.  It doesn’t help the acne any though.  That darn stuff is still all over my back, and there isn’t anything i can do about it.  It doesn’t bother me so much though.  It’s just there.  Every now and then one spot will get sore and it isn’t very comfortable to lay on.  Thank goodness it isn’t all sore at once.

     I love you Sweetheart.  Don’t forget that.  You get that apartment fixed up and I’ll be back to you one of these days.  Don’t have any idea as to “when” but I’ll be there.  I’m all yours Sweetheart.  I love you.

     Good-night Sweetheart
          I love you with all my heart.
               Pleasant Dreams
                    ‘Nite Sweetheart

Richard to Alice: 1 April 1945

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