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Richard to Alice: 25 March 1945

August 14th, 2010 · No Comments

[Written to Alice in Frankfort, Indiana.  Return addressed: Richard, Co. G, 2nd Bn., 1st Mar., c/o F.P.O., San Francisco, Calif.  Postmarked at U.S. Navy, on 1 Apr 1945 P.M.  Envelope stamped on front, “Passed by Naval Censor,” and initialed by the Censor.]

Mar. 25, 1945

Hello Sweetheart,

     Well, I think I’ll try again.  Maybe today I can get to your letters and answer them.  I didn’t seem to get around to them yesterday.  I love you Sweetheart.

     I almost ate too much candy yesterday.  I ate the biggest half of 2 pounds of hard candy.  It was good, but it almost got me down.  I was munching on it all afternoon and last night.  We played cards last night – pinochle.  That seems to be the favorite game around here.  It is peculiar but their are very few of these guys who ever heard of much less played euchre.  The last time I played any was on the boat coming over.  I think I still know how though.  Want to test me on that?

     My odds and ends, as you call them, are getting along better.  We’ve had quite a few days of damp weather lately and I think the accompanying coolness helped out a lot.  As I am writing this, the only thing I am conscious of is the athlete’s foot.  Of course I was referring to the only one of my odds and ends that I was conscious of.  You are always on my mind whether I want you there or not.  As yet I’ve found no time when I didn’t want you there and I doubt if any such time will ever come.  Do you know what my main pastime is?  Well, it’s daydreaming and thinking of you.  It is the most pleasant thing I can find to do out here.  Back there – now that is another thing.  Not too different though – it would be the realization of my many dreams and such pleasant fulfullment.  Could there possibly be any doubt in your mind as to what I am referring to?  Shouldn’t be, it’s you.  You’re wonderful and I love you with all my heart Sweetheart.

     Have you been over to visit the girls at school lately?  How many are still there?  How’s Lois coming along? and Danny? and the Kepner brood?  Have you been over to see them?  What’s going on around school?  The next time you go over, see if you can’t get ahold of an Exponent and send it to me.  I just decided I’d like to see one again.  Another thing you could send me is cross-word puzzles.  Maybe it could be arranged, huh?  Do you think you could manage one or two in each letter?  Be sure and send along the answers too.

     How are the buttons paning out?  Are they satisfactory?  I don’t think I would like them but I don’t know.  I sure would like to see them and find out.  If I was there though, I would not want to be bothered with them.  I miss you so terribly much Sweetheart.  I love you with all my heart.  I definitely don’t want to write now.  I just want to think about my wonderful wife.  You are everything to me Sweetheart.  I’m overflowing with love for you Sweetheart but it isn’t coming out in words.  I can’t think of any more to write.  Guess I’ll just dream some more.

     Good-night Sweetheart
          I love you with all my heart.
               Pleasant Dreams
                    ‘Nite Sweetheart

Richard to Alice: 25 March 1945

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