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Richard to Alice: 9 February 1945

July 7th, 2010 · No Comments

[Written to Alice in Frankfort, Indiana.  Return addressed: Richard, Co. G, 2nd Bn., 1st Mar., c/o F.P.O., San Francisco, Calif.  Postmarked at U.S. Navy, on 12 Feb 1945.  Envelope stamped on front, “Passed by Naval Censor,” and initialed by the Censor.]

Feb. 9, 1945

Hello Sweetheart,

     Well, this is another one of those times.  I want to write, but I don’t have anything to write about.  I went to the show that I was telling you about in my last letter.  It was “Abroad with Two Yanks” with William Bendix.  It was a very good show, not much plot but plenty of comedy.

     I’m rather hundry [sic] right now.  It started raining last night just before mid-night and it is still drizzling.  Very nice sleeping, I just couldn’t force myself to get up.  Claude brought me a cup of coffee.  I don’t know whether I’ve ever mentioned him before or not.  Anyway, we sleep in the same tent.  The last name is D—– and he’s from Pa.  He’s a good guy even if he is a music.  As a civilian, he played the drums.  Then, much against his wishes when he got in the Corps, he was made a buglar.  He doesn’t like the idea but he can’t get out.  He’s been trying to get away from being a buglar ever since he started to field music school.  Try as he may though, he can’t get out.  He tried to come over-seas as an infantryman.  Anything to get away from the bugle.  But – they sent him over as he asked, only the bugle stuck with him.  I think he has just about given up the idea of getting out of it now.  Just to give you some idea of his personality, he is a lot like “Mo.”  You remember him from school, don’t you?  Surely you remember when he, Louise, you and I saw “Yankee Doodle Boy” (or something like that) with James Cagney at the Lafayette.  We sat in the front row ans almost broke our necks watching the pictures.  I’ve received one letter from him since I’ve been over here.  Did I tell you about it?  Anyway – as soon as he gets back from Europe, he going to marry this girl from Texas, he says.  Then, they are so supposed to come back to Purdue.  I hope they do.  We could get together again and I know we would have fun.  That is un unless Mo has changed a lot since I last saw and heard from him.

     I don’t have much time left, Sweetheart.  So – I’ll tell you one thing and give you 2 things to think about.  I love you Sweetheart.  Nine months ago today, I think that was proved.  Also, less than a year ago, you were very disappointed: – No roses.  Do you know now what is really on my mind?  What I want to tell but can’t seem to?  I’ll try again though.  Don’t worry about that.

     Goodnight Sweetheart
          I love you with all my heart.
               Pleasant Dreams
                    ‘Nite Sweetheart

James Cagney, as George M. Cohan in Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942), demonstrates the proper way to descend a staircase:

Richard to Alice: 9 February 1945

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