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Richard to Alice: 5 January 1945

June 9th, 2010 · No Comments

[Written to Alice in Frankfort, Indiana.  Return addressed: Richard, Co. G, 2nd Bn., 1st Mar., c/o F.P.O., San Francisco, Calif.  Postmarked at U.S. Navy, on 8 Jan 1945.  Envelope stamped on front, “Passed by Naval Censor,” and initialed by the Censor.]

Jan. 5, 1945

Hello Sweetheart,

     It’s going to be difficult to write I know.  I can’t seem to keep my mind on it.  I guess the easiest way is to write from your letters.  I’ll try it anyway.  I received 2 from you yesterday and was I ever glad to get them.  I almost missed chow last night trying to finish them.  One was postmarked Dec. 19 (5 pages) and the other Dec. 25 (4 pages).

     What do you say, shall we start out with talk of “Sack-time?”  It’s as good a topic as any I can think of at the pressent.  I’m afraid you’ll have to think up another reason for his action in the next tent.  It so happens that we only keep one dog in the company area.  There wasn’t another dog around at the time.

     Well, Sweetheart, I’m afraid I didn’t get very far yesterday.  I got down to this point then I had to do some work.  I’ll try to finish this time.

     There sure was a lot of mail this afternoon.  I can’t say that I liked it though.  I received 6 letters: Christmas cards from Grandma, the Methodist Church in Beech Grove (Grandma’s church) and Jude’s sister, Jo Ann.  I got a letter from Grandma that was almost 2 months old and one from Mom and Dad.  That was it.  Oh yes, they sent me a subscription to Readers Digest.  I also got some clippings and a P.U.-I.U. program.  What I wanted to see, just wasn’t there.  Yours are the only letters I am interested in, Sweetheart.  I love you.  One of these days maybe I can prove it to you.  I hope I can try soon.

     We got some more replacements 2 or 3 days ago.  3 of them were 2nd Lt.  When I had finished reading my mail this afternoon, I left it on the table.  One of the Lt. saw the program.  It turned out that he spent 2 semisters at Purdue in the V-12 while I was there.  It also happened that we got a new buglar that knew George C—- back at Diego.  Do you remember him?

     I can’t figure it out.  Out of a clear blue sky to-night, each man was given 12 bottles of bear.  I guess it was free.  Anyhow, they have not collected for it yet.  Everybody is having a big time now.  I can hardly hear myself think.  That’s not my excuse for my writting though.  The safest place I could find was in bed, so here I am.  —  Boy, what a smell.  I just got to close to the candle and singed my hair but good.  No damage done though.

     I hope that flash-light you sent me gets here soon.  I just tried to use this one and it wouldn’t work.  I know the batteries and bulb are O.K.  The light is just shot.

     The drunks are drifting in and I might as well sign off.  I won’t be able to write with them all over me.

     Goodnight Sweetheart
          I love you with all my heart
               Pleasant Dreams

Richard to Alice: 5 January 1945

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