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Richard to Alice: 29 May 1944

February 15th, 2010 · 1 Comment

[Written to Alice in Frankfort, Indiana. Return addressed to Richard, c/o U.S.M.C., En Transit.  Postmarked in Las Vegas, N. Mex., on 29 May 1944 at 4 P.M.]

May 29, 1944

Hi Sweetheart,

     Right now the train is stopped and I can write pretty good.  I imagine you’ll will be able to tell when it starts again.

     We are now in Raton, New Mexico and it is 7:45.  We are supposed to stop and get breakfast in an hour.  Then I can mail this.

     I tried to get an Ind’p’l’s. Star while we were in Kansas City yesterday, but I couldn’t find one.  Mac and I walked up town and saw a very small part of the city and we stopped at every newstand.  No soap.  That card I mailed you came from the Service Men’s Club at K.C.  Mac is sitting beside me now.  I don’t know who he is writting to, but he started out “Darling.”  I wonder who that could be.  We are moving now.

     We sure are getting good food.  It’s good and there is plenty of it.  I have no not been able to clean up my plate yet.  Yesterday we had breakfast & dinner in K.C., Mo. and supper last night in Hutchinson, Kansas.

     Yesterday, all we saw was the flat planes plains of Kansas.  When we woke up this morning, we were in Colo.  Now we are in the middle of no-where.  No more plains.  This is ragged & rough country.  No mountan mountains as yet, but there are some pretty high hills.

     Well, we are supposed to be there tomorrow afternoon.  That is Tues. at 4 P.M. Central War Time.

     I had some luck this morning.  Our beds fold back into seats and I was helping a fellow fold one of them back.  Well, my watch crystal came off.  Then I started to wind it and the main spring is broken.  I guess I don’t need to know what time it is anyway.  I’ll be going by the bugles before long anyway.

     Just about every minute since we left Chicago, there has been some form of gambling going on.  Either poker or craps.  I’ve only played one game since I left, and I lost.  I’m sorry, I tried as had hard as I know how but I couldn’t win.  I just couldn’t win that game of soletaire.

     Well, I’ll close now.  I think we are finally going to get something to eat.

     I love you with all my heart.
          Good night

               I love you.
                x x ‘Nite.
                            x x

Richard to Alice: 29 May 1944

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  • 1 Carolyn // Feb 23, 2010 at 6:37 AM

    I like this:
    “Good food and plenty of it.”….
    “I think we are finally going to get something to eat.”
    Growing boy!

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