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Bev to Ande: 14 June 1943

June 14th, 2008 · No Comments

Monday  7:30 p.m.

Dearest Honey:

I love you very much, Beloved – so very much – and lots more today – yes, sir, because today I received four swell-elegant letters from my Wonderful One – you, Darling!  The one written on April 30, I couldn’t get a whole lot of because this is the first time any of your letters have been cut out by the censor; otherwise the three others were perfect.  One even had a little insect sealed under the envelope flap – that little bug traveled a long way!  Thanks, Sweetheart, for the check of $135.00 No. 1,026 – 53-393.  I’ll put it right into some bonds.  Darling, I’m so glad and happy that you’re feeling so well and happy too.  Bet that Q______? bird stew was good.  Is there anything that you might like to have sent to you?  I’m right here to send it, and will be more than glad to do what I can.  If you thought cookies might arrive in good condition, I’d love (I mean like) to bake some for you.  Anyway, I still have all the love in the world left for you, Sweet.

Did our washing today.  It was really a good day for it too, as the sun shone and it was very windy.  After we finished that, we dug a flower bed and planted marigolds, petunias, zinnias, more Calif. flowers, and then a mixed package.  We have lots of shrubbery in front of the house, and also did a lot of digging up around that; until the rain finally sent us indoors.  I do enjoy working in the yard, but know how much more I would enjoy it too, if it were only yours and mine – our own home.  Some day, our dreams will come true – and what happiness!  We’ll really appreciate everything too, and how I’ll appreciate you, and never take you just for granted – I never have and don’t ever expect to – for I love you too much.

We have some lovely iris in bloom on the side and in the back of the house.  Our yard is very pretty with very green grass, shrubbery, and flowers.  Did I tell you about the bird nest we have in our garage?  It’s just a sparrow’s nest, but it is fun to go in there and hear the birds chirping and peeping.  Guess there must be a whole family in there.  The birds fly in thru a crack above the door, and believe they must be having a party to-night as noticed several going in.

Say, one really can get a lot on these V mails when typing.  I’m almost running out of material.  I want to tell you though that we do have a very lovely neighbor, Mrs. Johnson.  Brought us a coffee cake the first day we moved in, and to-night brought us some biscuits; so I returned her dish with some chocolate pie I made today; explaining I’d like to return her favor.  A neighbor like that is really a friend indeed.  She has a son in the service.

Well, if it isn’t raining again – must be raining here just about as much as where you are. – just so you change into dry clothes and keep yourself from getting chilly, Honey, I won’t worry, and I know you do and will take good care of yourself.  You’re very alert and intelligent too and know how to protect yourself – but sometimes one can’t be too careful.  I do care so much for you and long for you day in and day out and miss you more than I can ever say.

With all my love,

Bev to Ande: V-Mail of 14 June 1943

This is the last letter in this string of correspondence that is currently in my possession.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Beverly Anderson and her family’s home-front adventures in World War Two Minnesota.

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