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Bev to Ande: 4 June 1943

June 4th, 2008 · 3 Comments

Fri.  9 p.m.

Dearest One:  I do love you and very, very much too.

This is being typed on your typewriter, and say, it works all right – even the ribbon is nice and dark!  It was right where you said it would be and covered with the piece of purple cloth as you described.  Audry and I went over to Uncle Axel’s yesterday, and did we ever have a time getting there with Betsy which all the more convinces me to surely sell it this summer, and I will too.  Our Aunt and Uncle look fine though Uncle Axel still isn’t working.  Clarence is still at Fort Snelling and what do you suppose – Clarence has given that Margaret a diamond and is planning on being married this month.  Guess they will live with Clarence’s folks, as Clarence probably isn’t making much of a salary.  His wife will keep on working.  Looks as if we’ll be having two members of the Anderson family take the big jump in June.  Well, Honey, I certainly would never discourage marriage if couples are in love.  I feel, that so far, ours has been very successful (someone might say – sure because we haven’t been together long enough) – but those eleven months were a good sample of what we can make our life-long marriage, I think.  And those too few months were wonderful!  Uncle Axel was so cute – even went out and picked me a bouquet of lily-of-valley.  He thought we didn’t stay half long enough, but it had taken us so long to get over there, that we had to turn practically right around again to arrive in time to get the roast on.  I fixed the dinner last night for the kids – having roast, onions, carrots, date-celery-orange salad, and strawberry pie for dessert.

The Club picnic at Powderhorn Wednesday was a lot of fun.  We had some grand baked beans, salad, cake and coffee.  Played volley ball later on and did a lot of singing.  They’re having their week-end party at Lyman Lodge but have decided not to go, as the house will need straightening up after our moving on Saturday (tomorrow).  I’ll be so glad when that job is done.  Just wait until you and I start our moving eh?  We really do have so many things to get collected and organized.  But think how perfectly wonderful it will be for you and me to some sweet day get our things all together and settle down in our very own little home.

Maxine Simon sent me a very lovely letter which I rec’d yesterday.  She said she is keeping busy doing housework, as they have not been able to get any help and have had to clean their own ten room house.  They also have a large garden to care for.  She said Jules writes very often and sounds homesick and very lonely.  Said he had not seen you since landing.  At present, he is Liaison Officer between the Naval Hospital and the Marine Division.  She said he seems pleased with this assignment, but it is only a temporary one.  He is living at the hospital and emphasized that he is sleeping between sheets!

Yes, Honey, the missing you is much greater this time than last, and I thought then that I couldn’t miss you much more.  It’s because I’m loving you more all the time, and do feel so lonesome for you.  Please take good care of yourself.  I’ll be typing from now on, on these V mails.

All my love,

Lyman Lodge
The YWCA Lyman Lodge Conference Center on Lake Minnetonka, circa 1986.
During the summers of 1983 through 1988, the Self-Realization Fellowship of Minneapolis held several all-day retreats here.

Bev to Ande: V-Mail of 4 June 1943

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