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Bev to Ande: 29 April 1943

April 29th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Apr. 29, ’43
7:30 p.m.

Dearest Honey:

I love you, and am wondering how you are to-night.  This has been a very dreary, rainy day; so was glad that June had invited me to go to her church for lunch and a food demonstration.  Different products were sold, out of which I purchased some of Watkins’ products.  They really sell a variety of things – besides food.  I got some shampoo, and some moth crystals.

Sent the Apr. Readers’ Digest on to you as rec’d.  A duplicate of the same issue here.  I started to read the magazine which I sent to you, so just have part of it marked.  I wrote to them (Digest Co.) asking why we hadn’t rec’d. the Apr. issue, but it had been sent to Brawley; though they have my change of address by now.

Good old Brawley.  It was nice there, but I did enjoy living on the beach so much more.  Of course, I wouldn’t care where I lived as long as I was with you.  It could be the worst place in the whole world – yet I’d be the happiest, if you were only there – & that’s exactly how I feel.

Haven’t had a letter from you for almost two weeks.  You’re still writing every day aren’t you, Honey – just think – married 2 yrs. and 1 month today.


Reader's Digest, April 1943 issue: front cover
Reader’s Digest, April 1943 issue: Table of Contents

[Note: It is possible that Bev and Ande were in Brawley while Ande was stationed at the Borrego Hotel Field, a U.S. Naval air station located 34 miles northwest of Brawley.  Here is a link to an internet resource providing a list of World War Two military locations throughout the San Diego County area.]

Bev to Ande: V-Mail of 29 April 1943

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