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Les to Ande: 25 April 1943

April 25th, 2008 · 1 Comment


Dear Hunk:

A little late for birthday greetings but then I usually am a bit late most of the time anyway.  Have had several cards from Bev.  Suppose she will be working someplace in Mpls. before long.

Our business is easing off a bit with seeding in full blast.  We had quite a flood here two weeks ago with the river raising 17 ft above flood stage.  Quite a bit of damage but it is all past now.  Some of our posts floated away and we had to move some stuff.

Dee planted some garden this week.  Will be hard to get a space as every one will have a garden this year.  We expect to go in with some of the other boys and put in potatoes.

Skippy has been sick the past week but is on the pick up and now.  Dee also has a cold and I might as well say I had the flu so all in all this week was a week.  Has been cold and chilly all the time and I presume this accounts for a lot of colds.

Don’t know just what to expect in the way of business for the year.  So far we are ahead of last year but it is impossible to keep that up as we are running out of material.  When we do I think I will try and join the Marines.  I’ll be OK if they are not too particular.

How do you like it down or up there whichever it is?  We are all questions but I suppose we had better let it go at that.

Had a letter from Auntie a week ago in her own hand writing.  Also had a letter from Ted the other day and Uncle Pete took a tumble and broke a bone in his arm.  I can see him fretting around.  He will no doubt be OK in a few days tho’.

Jude came up from Staples and spent Wed. with us.  Dee’s sister and baby girl is with us now.  Nancy is 2 and a half and sure is cute and also is about the busiest thing you ever saw.  Always into something.  Dee and Edith fixed up some Easter eggs last nite and I put them around the yard and then took Nancy out to find them.  We had a cotton tail in the bushes next to the house and I showed it to Nancy and then scared it up and then we went looking for eggs.  Boy, Nancy sure had a real Easter rabbit and eggs this Easter.

Suppose Ted has told you of their plans of fixing over the house, hasn’t he?  Should be nice when they get it done.

Let us know how you are coming and try and get a line off now and then.  We’ll try and do the same.  Dee says Skippy is thinking about writing a note to you one of these days.  Be good.

Dee, Les and Skip

Les to Ande: V-Mail of 25 April 1943

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  • 1 Vince // Apr 28, 2008 at 5:04 PM

    “Also had a letter from Ted the other day and Uncle Pete took a tumble and broke a bone in his arm.”

    Definitely something going on between Ted and Bev. What else would have made Uncle Pete tumble?

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