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Ted to Ande: 12 April 1943

April 12th, 2008 · No Comments

April 12, 1943

Dear Andy –

Had a letter from Sis tonite. telling that she had had a letter from you, and quoting it, in fact.  I must add that I had the good fortune to locate the magazine you referred to, and found the article as well – but as yet have not read it.  That I will do in the near future, as the copy will be brought to the office tomorrow, or I’ll go and get it.  I haven’t sent the paper as yet – though it may get to you in time if I did send it.  Such a thing has happened in several instances allready [sic], as but last week we have a letter from a local boy, Glen Hoberg, who wrote “Tell the boys to keep on sending the paper” and he went on to say how it inspired them whenever they did get the hometown paper, way out there…he wrote incidentally, that “now I can tell where we’ve been – on Guadalcanal.”  At present they been relieved and are away from that point for a well deserved rest.  Mayhap you may be near him.  Who knows.  Marge’s younger brother, in Australia, had the misfortune to break a vertebra in his neck before Christmas, diving into a stream, and has since been in a cast – guess he’s out of the first, and worst one now, as he’s able to write now.  She had a letter from him tonite, and he said that Joe E. Brown had autographed his cast, with news reel pictures being taken of the act…before I forget it, Happy Birthday, Keed, and the best of good luck.  Hope to see Bev sometime this spring, but don’t know exactly when.  Ev. and I plan on going in to the city to see if we can pick out some suitable living room suite, and a rug possibly, but don’t know as yet when it will be.  Whenever we do, we’ll make it a point to see her, – it won’t be for long however, as we’ll have to go in Friday note and return Sunday a.m….Things have surely been humming around here of late.  The Neales started on a little remodeling of their new house a week ago tonite – we worked there with them (Ev and I) three nites last week – they worked every nite, and then of course, work at the office Tuesday eve, and dug in the garden Saturday eve.  Can’t you see me as a gardener?  I know I won’t make the one you would Andy, but I’m going to make a slight effort anyway…At the moment, it’s no time to think about gardening, however, as it’s getting pretty cold out again tonite, after a few days very springlike.  Had a rain Sunday, which settled the dust considerably, and freshened things up a lot… Haven’t heard from Les and Dee for sometime, but have had several papers from them lately with numerous pix of the flood conditions there.  The old river really went on a rampage in that vicinity, swelled from the fast melting snows.  A man who lives there, told me today, that the snow, five feet of it, melted in one week’s time.  Is it any wonder that they had floods.  There was no loss of life, but damage will be considerable to homes and other properties… Aunt and Peter are fine, and send their best regards, and birthday wishes as well.  Wish that Peter could get away to help me with the few changes I’d like to make in the house, but that’s impossible as long as they’re alone.  Doubt if Sis will be coming home this summer, as she has been taking some defense schooling, which she, no doubt, has written and told you all about.  Goo’bye, and best of luck.  Hello from Ev.


Ted to Ande: V-Mail of 12 April 1943

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