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Screenings: Without Love (1945)

November 2nd, 2017 · No Comments

[DVD, library]

The third on-screen partnering of Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, and very funny. Hepburn gets to clown around while wearing a Jules Verne-style submersion helmet, and Tracy gets to spend two hours being his hilariously droll self by constantly spouting isms, as when he says to Hepburn, post-helmet, “Good night, Mrs. Uptake Intake Outtake.” The scene where Hepburn professes her love to Tracy is a word-strewn laugh riot (“I’ve been thinking all sorts of things in all sorts of ways, backwards, forwards, every-which-way, but chiefly forwards.”). WITHOUT LOVE also showcases a charming comedic turn by a young Keenan Wynn, who has the good fortune of sparring opposite Lucille Ball.


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