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Screenings: Beatriz at Dinner (2017)

October 9th, 2017 · No Comments

watched Oct 09, 2017,
spitballarmy’s review published on Letterboxd:


BEATRIZ boasts a magnificent fake-out ending that had me cheering, and I felt dirty and nasty for doing so. But the film’s true ending is a total downer that I interpreted as an allegory for the current hopelessness of the lower and immigrant classes struggling under the heel of the arrogant rich in Trump’s America, where fairness and conscience are an inconvenient nuisance. Yeah, I know, I know – that sounds like a reach, right out of the Socialist playbook and a mimic of the blowhard from the movie theater queue in ANNIE HALL; but ever since seeing MOTHER!, I’m reading more into things. And that’s certainly preferable to accepting the art I encounter only at its face value; this film has to have some depth beyond a simple tale of a Mexican woman attending a rich folks’ dinner party and being gobsmacked by their shallow callousness.


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