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Judith to Ande: 3 April 1943

April 3rd, 2008 · No Comments

April 3, 1943

Dear Babe,
The day is beautiful and I keep comparing it with a year ago.  Remember while we were in church it started to snow and what a slushy time we had going to dinner.  When we reached home the relatives were already assembling for our grand homecoming.  But we are all looking forward to the next one now.  We hope it will all be over then and what a wonderful time we’ll have.  I should have wished you happy birthday when I wrote yesterday but I didn’t realize May 3rd was so near at hand.

T’was a beautiful spring day.  We are beginning to see a few green blades.  I heard the first robin while at work in defense school and tonight as we ate supper I spied him perched on a tree outside the window.

What a fooling we got today.  I’ll tell you in the words of the little boy next door.  He went to the window and saw the ground covered with about 2 in. of snow and said, “Well, God sure Aprilfooled us.”

4/4 [sic]
Had our coach and his wife up last night.  They like to play cards and we had a good time.  Today we spent all afternoon going over our Easter cantata changing words.  We’ll give it on Good Friday.  We’ll have vacation that week but I won’t go home.  May go to Fargo a couple of days.  Had a letter from Peter.  Christine had been there for a few days.  He said the folks on the farm were all settled and they had painted and cleaned things up fine.  I wish we could know where you are.  Do you get the V-mail original or the micro film copy?  I’m anxiously waiting for a letter from you.  I hope your birthday will not be _____ay [sic] in anyway.  Take good care of yourself.

Much love, Judie

[Note: Judith has a habit of writing the ends of her V-Mail letters over the black square at the bottom of the form, rendering some words unreadable.]

Judith to Ande: V-Mail of 3 April 1943

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