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Bev to Ande: 4 April 1943 (part 2)

April 4th, 2008 · 1 Comment

April 4, 1942

Still Sunday Eve. (2nd part letter)

Darling:  Still love you, too.

Have that letter of yours out again (the long one, written aboard ship evidently) and am reading it over and over.  Sort of looks, though, as if you squeezed in some of those “I love you’s” as an afterthought.  What’s the big idea!  Only kidding, Honey!

Aud and I were down town yesterday P.M. looking for curtains and drapes for the new house.  Was almost all set to make them myself and save Dad’s money until we found some inexpensive ones.  Am planning on getting a portable elec. sew. machine – trading in our old one – which we don’t have room for.  All right with you?  Am sure we can always get our $20 worth out of it.  That’s what the difference is in the trade-in.  We have some ideas too, on how we’re going to fix up our bedroom.  Got the ideas from the “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine.  Sort of fun to try new things.

Hope you’re all right Darling and feeling fine and looking as handsome as ever.  You are too “good looking,” Sweet.  Am so happy I have that grand photograph of you – always smiling at me – whenever I’m in the bedroom – as have your picture there in top of our chest of drawers.  I love your smile.

Please write often, won’t you, Honey.  I do wait so anxiously for your letters – Do you feel that way about mine?  Or aren’t you as anxious?  I live for your letters, Darling, and for the time when you’ll be coming back to me.


Bev to Ande: V-Mail of 4 April 1943 (part 2)

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  • 1 Vince // Apr 23, 2008 at 5:17 PM

    Pray for friendly fire, Hubert!

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