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Harry to Mary: 6 September 1945

April 25th, 2012 · No Comments

[Letter addressed to Mrs. Harry V. C., c/o Mrs. J. W., 20 Block Street, Dundee, Scotland.  Return addressed to Cpl. Harry V. C., 33428766, 1409th A.A.F. Base Unit, E.D.A.T.C. A.P.O. 741 c/o P.M., U.S. Army.]

September 6, 1945

Dearest Mary,

Just a couple more lines to let you know that I am well and getting along the best I can.  Darling I hope this finds you well and getting along allright.  I received two letters from you today, the 49th and 50th.  There is four missing some place.  I sure hope they get here soon so I can get the papers filled out.  Darling what all do you have to have besides the papers you sent me?  I sure hope I can get all the papers made out so you can get back home allright.

Well Darling I guess it is about time to get started answering the big letter you sent me, the 49th one.  I am sure glad to know that you got my letters O.K.  Were there many missing Darling?

Mary Darling I know just about how you feel.  I would give any thing if I could be with you.  I guess I will have to try some other way to get back there besides getting a transfer.  Please Darling take good care of your self.  Try not to worry so much about me Darling.  I’m allright.  Mary you are the only one that means any thing to me.  I love you with all my heart Darling and I will never stop loving you.

Darling you don’t know how glad I am to know that you are back from Preswick.  I could not do any thing for worrying about you and wondering how you were getting along.  Please Darling don’t do any thing to make Mom mad at you.  You just don’t know how I feel when you don’t get along with her.  I am awful sorry to hear that you did not get to be home all the time your Father was there.  I only wish that I could have been there so we both could of been there to see him.  Darling I only hope he don’t stay angry with you very long.

Darling I know how hard it is to get along when you are not with the one person in the world that means every thing to you.  I pray all the time that it will not be long till we are together very soon.  Darling did the Major say how long he thought it would be before you can get to go to the States?  I only hope you can get back before I do but Darling I don’t think you will.  In five months I will have enough points to get home.  I might even go before then.  I only hope that I can stay over here till you can get back.  Darling one thing you don’t even have to worry about is me stopping loving you.  That is one thing Mary that I will never do.

Mary Dearest I only wish that I could hold you in my arms all the time and never stop kissing you.  Dearest you are every thing in my life.  I am lonely all the time Darling, when you are not with me.  No matter what I am doing or where I am I am thinking of you.  Darling I don’t think I will ever ask you to let me do what I wanted to before.  I know that you don’t ever want me to.  I know I would like to see [you] just once but I still will not ask.  You know what I am talking about, don’t you Mary Dearest?  Darling when I am with you again I am going to hold you so tight and just keep on kissing you that you will not be able to love let alone float around.  Darling it has been so long since I have kissed you, and Darling you are the only one that I am going to kiss, tho I think I have forgotten how.

Darling please tell me what Betty was saying to you.  Was it some of the things that I had already told you about?  Dearest do you know if she has all of the papers to go home?  Did she tell you what all that Hank has sent her?  I know that he has a couple bottles of perfume for her now.  I would get you more things if I could Darling but I just don’t have the money.  I want to save all I can.  I know that we will need all we can get hold of when we get back in the States.  I have only received $30 pay since I have been over here.  Darling let me know how much you owe Mom and I will send it to you.

Darling I will look around and see if I can find you a nice pair of ear rings.  I see a lot in the stores but I don’t like them so good.  The only ones that are nice costs a good bit more than what I have just now.  Darling do you have any money at all now?  I sent you one pound in the letter I wrote yesterday.  I don’t want to send too much at once.  Please Darling try and save all you can.  Will you try Dearest?  I know that it will be hard to do.

Darling I don’t think that I could of helped from laughing if I would of saw you and Chickie when you ran across the field.  I bet you both were some sights.  When we get back home Darling I will have to take you to a farm so you can learn the difference between a bull and a ram.  Will that be O.K.  I sure would of liked to have been there with a camera.

Say Darling how soon am I going to get that picture?  I have a new pocket book so Mary Darling how about a nice new picture for it?

Well Dearest I don’t blame Chickie for not being called by her right name.  They sure must of been mad at her when the stork brought her, to have given her a name like that.  Please don’t tell her I said so, will you Darling?  I wish I could of seen that picture you went to.  It sure must have been something.  I went to the movie here on the base last night and you should of seen it.  The picture was packed.  The show was supposed to start at 6:30 but just as it started the power went off.  Every thing was quiet for a while.  Then the fellows up in the balcony started to acting crazy.  You know what I had in my pocket that you made me get rid of?  Well they blew them up and dropped them down.  The fellows kept hitting them and they floated all over the building.        There were a lot of W.A.C.s in the place and the fellows was sure using some language.  Two WACs were sitting across the aisle from where they were throwing them from and one dropped right in one of their laps.  Then some crazy guy hollered “Try that for size.”  Darling you should of seen their faces.  The show started at 8:15.  The name of it was “Ten Cents a Dance.”  It was real good.  Then there was a short picture of the “Three Stooges.”  I sure wish you could of seen them.  I had to get to work from the movie.

Well Mary Darling I will have to close for this time.  I only hope I got the letter that you sent the papers in tomorrow.  I love you with all my heart Darling.  Pray that we are together soon.  Darling you mean every thing to me.

Your loving and very lonely husband

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