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Harry to Mary: 13 August 1945

April 21st, 2012 · No Comments

[Letter addressed to Mrs. Harry V. C., c/o Mrs. J. W., 20 Block Street, Dundee, Scotland.  Return addressed to Cpl. Harry V. C., 33428766, 1409th A.A.F. Base Unit, E.D.A.T.C. A.P.O. 741 c/o P.M., U.S. Army.]


My Precious Darling:

Well Darling here I am again to let you know that I am well, and getting along the same as ever.  Darling I miss you so awful much.  I haven’t heard from you for five days.  I only hope that you are well and not working too hard.

I was putting another oil cleaner together today.  We got it all fixed up ready to use.  Hank and I went to a movie here on the base tonight.  The name of it was The Fighting Guardsman.  It was pretty good.  Then we went to the Red Cross for coffee and doughnuts, after that we listened to a band for a while.  We also played a couple games of horse shoes.

Darling by the looks of things now, we are going to be assigned here.  If they are going to keep us here I wish they would do it and be done with it.  Then I would get a chance to do something, wither get transferred back or put in for a fellowship.  Boze tried to get a transfer, but they said no body could get back.  They are shipping all the fellows from the bases in England over here.

Darling are you getting my letters allright?  I sure hope you are.  I can hardly write for worrying about you and wondering how you are getting along.  I only hope I get a letter from you tomorrow.  I still have one of your letters to answer yet.  It is the 25th one.  This is the 31st one so far that I have wrote to you.  Darling I can’t tell you how to stop worrying about me.  I only wish I could.  I am allright, Darling, and I am taking good care of my self just for you.  Darling I am telling you every thing I do, after I finish work, and write to you.  I just lay on my bed and read.  The name of the book I am reading now is “Show Me a Land.”  It is not so bad.  Darling how are you getting along with your reading?  Have you read any of the books you was telling me about?  Please Mary Darling don’t worry about the letters you wrote.  I had every thing coming to me that you said.  I am awful sorry about it.  Please forgive me wife Dearest?  Darling have you received any more letters from Kenney?  I would like to hear from him.  Darling when you write to Mom tell her that I am well and getting along O.K.  I received her letters but I haven’t had time to answer.

Darling did your Father get home all right?  I sure would of liked to have been able to have seen him this time, but there was no way to get off and get back.  I only hope I get to see him the next time he gets home.  Darling did he come close to Paris on his way home?  I wish he would fly back and stop here so I could get acquainted with him.

Darling did you ever get that colored picture yet?  I am looking for it soon.

Darling please let me know as soon as you get the money I sent you.  I have only sent two pounds so far.  Then I sent you two other things from Paris.  I sure hope you get this O.K.  I will send a few more things before long.  Darling please take real good care of your self, and please don’t work too hard.  I miss you something awful Darling.  I pray all the time that I will be with you soon.  I love you more and more every day.  Mary Dearest I knew you meant an awful lot to me, but since I came over here I just found out for sure how much.  Darling I can’t find words to tell you.

Tell Mom and Jimmy and the rest I miss them a lot too.  I am thinking of you every second Darling.  Your Loving and very Lonely Husband.


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