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Mary to Harry: 19 February 1945

March 31st, 2012 · No Comments

[Letter addressed to Cpl. Harry V. C., 33428766, 1409th A.A.F. Base Unit, European Div. A.F.B., A.P.O. – 741, c/o P.M., U.S. Army.  Return addressed to Mrs. Harry V. C., c/o Mrs. W., 20 Black Street, Dundee, Scotland.]

19th February 1945

My Own Dearest Darling.

Here I am once again, and I am sitting here with Jenny Florrie & Iris.  Jenny & myself are writing, but the two are sitting singing (smile) there kicking up some noise.

Well, my precious darling, I received two letters from you when I went home from going off duty at four o’clock.  They were dated the 14th & 16th inst. [abbreviation for the Latin phrase “instante messe,” which translates in English as “this month”], so I will try to answer them both to-night.  I will start now darling.

I pray that nothing stops you being here in the morning.  I would probably be heart broken darling, but I do pray that you will be here tomorrow morning.

Darling you said in this letter you wrote on the 14th inst., to get plenty of sleep.  Well I certainly won’t get any to-night, or may be, I ought to say I probably won’t get any sleep tomorrow night wither will I (smile).  That of course might be corrected, you might be the one that will fall asleep (smile).

That was very nasty of you to say that you would stand laughing at me when the mouse was running around.  Well my darling if you had of seen me I think you would have never stop laughing, I hate the sight of the dashed little scallywags (smile).

I only see Alex now when his crew comes in to take, I ought to have said release, our crew, but I will tell him when I see him again that you said Hello, I might see him at seven in the morning.

Well my darling it is a little after midnight and it is now the 20th.  So I am sitting here hoping and praying that you will be here about ten, my darling.

Well darling it is now, gee darling I’m all mixed up, I meant to say that I have answered all that I can in that letter, so I will answer the one you wrote on the 16th inst., so I will get started to it now.

No Harry I haven’t had any more letters from daddy yet, but mum gets her usual letters (smile).

Yes darling I knew what you were talking about before you drew the ([picture of a stick-figure man])?  Gee he or she looks cute, doesn’t it Harry (smile).  I hope it isn’t too long before he or she is at the age of talking & walking, do you darling.

Gee darling you ought to have been in bed when the rest of the gang were in bed (smile), but I would have divorced you if you hadn’t written.

That is nice news about Kenny getting a stripe.  He certainly must be having a hectic time across where he is just now.

Gee darling you say in this letter, that you can hardly keep your mind on what you were writing, well darling I think it is me that keep my mind on my writing, never mind the writing I can hardly keep my mind on this letter, it keeps wandering away, wondering if you will be here about three hours later than when get home off duty and that is about seven twenty, Oh darling I am hardly keep my mind on this letter.

Well darling that is about everything answered to that letter written on the 16th and there isn’t very much news I have to say to you, as I am so excited my darling I just can’t help from thinking what wonderful it will be to have you holding me tight and kissing me, Oh darling I’m going to sit on your knee and I don’t think anything would make me get off your knee and I’m not even going to bed, at least that’s what I’m saying in this letter, but gee you’ll probably chase me, would you.  I would rather sit in front of the fire with you holding me tight, and whispering sweet nothings in my ear (smile).  Don’t call me dopey, you twerp (smile).  I would really like to lie on the rug in front of the fire with you, you know where we sleep darling, but I expect that wouldn’t suit you at all you will be wanting to go to bed, then after a little while I will be gradually falling asleep, probably you will have a hectic time keeping me awake, and if you let me sleep I sock you one right on the nose we have to make these few hours like days darling we’ve got to make them feel as if it were a lot longer than just a few silly hours darling.

Well darling it is now after one o’clock and it won’t be long until we are back in the ops room again, and darling I told you that when we are on night duty it passes the time quicker, well darling tonight, I mean the time that is passing just now, seems to be passing very, very slowly.

I think that it is about time I was closing up now, so I think I will say Cheerio and God Bless you darling, hoping you’ll be here in the early forenoon about ten or even earlier than that darling, in fact it would be wonderful if you could be there when I got home from coming off duty.

I love you Harry.

All my Love & Kisses
I love you with all my heart
Yours now always & forever
Your Lonely & Lovely Wife


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