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Harry to Mary: 14 January 1945

March 17th, 2012 · No Comments

[Letter addressed to Mrs. Harry V. C., c/o Mrs. J. W., 20 Block Street, Dundee, Scotland.  Return addressed to Cpl. Harry V. C., 33428766, 1409th A.A.F. Base Unit, E.D.A.T.C. A.P.O. 741 c/o P.M., U.S. Army.]

Jan. 14, 1945

Dearest Mary:

Well here I am again darling writing you a few more lines.  I am well and getting along as usual.  I miss you more and more all the time Darling.

I received three letters from you yesterday and I never was so glad to hear from any one so much in my life.  Dearest your letters mean every thing to me, but I think you know.  The letters that I received were sent on the 6th, 8th and 9th.  I was looking for some today from you Darling but I guess I will get some tomorrow.  I am sorry Dearest, that I did not write to you on Friday, but I guess I made up for it last night.  Was that all right, Dopey Darling?

Darling I like the name a lot.  Don’t you forget it Dearest for we might be using it some time before too long.  Darling if you want it the way you said, it will be allright.  You would not want to have something like you said the other girls have, would you?  It would be kind of bad so soon?  Don’t you want me to ever catch up on my kisses?  You don’t know me Darling since I have not seen you for so long will start as soon as I get there, and Darling if every thing goes all right I will get there about 9 o’clock Sunday morning.  But Dearest please don’t be there looking for me.  I might not get there then the way they are changing the passes around.  Darling I will not be there with Hank the last of the month.  Werth and Hank have their time off together.  Darling I only hope that I can get my seven days off before very long, for I can hardly stand being away from you so long and there is no place close around here that you could stay.

Darling there is no way that I can describe my first night up there.  I never felt that way before in my life.  I guess you felt the same way didn’t you Dearest?

Darling how is your supply of chewing gum getting?  You better make it last Dopey Dear, for I will not have any this time.  What will you do then Darling?

How is Mom and Jimmie getting along?  Tell them that I said Hello.  Tell Jimmie I will wind up his train for him all the time I am there.  Just keep it running steady.  Do you think you can stand all the noise we would make with it Darling? or do you think I should forget about the train for a while?  Let me know when you answer this.

Darling I will have to say Good Night for it is getting late.  I love you so much Dearest that I can not find words to say it but you know don’t you Darling.  I will be thinking of you all the time Darling and loving you more all the time.

Your Loving Husband
For always.

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