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Harry to Mary: 10 January 1945

March 10th, 2012 · No Comments

[Letter addressed to Mrs. Harry V. C., c/o Mrs. J. W., 20 Block Street, Dundee, Scotland.  Return addressed to Cpl. Harry V. C., 33428766, 1409th A.A.F. Base Unit, E.D.A.T.C. A.P.O. 741 c/o P.M., U.S. Army.]

January 10, 1945

Dearest Mary:

I am going to try and answer your letter that had 21 pages.  Darling I could write like that Mary just telling you how much I love you and how wonderful you are.

I hope that you are well and getting along allright.  I am getting along just fine Darling that is as good as I can with out you Dearest and I feel just fine.  I am looking forward for my pass so I can get to see my Darling sweet little wife again.  Dearest Hank and I went to the show here at the base tonight, and Darling it was good.  The name of it was Marriage is a Private Affair.  If it ever comes up there be sure and see it.  Darling I am sure glad that we did not do like they did when they got married in the picture.  Dearest they had twin beds one on one side of the room and one on the other.  If it would have been me I would of dumped one of them out the window.  Darling don’t forget what it was about, the show that you and Betty saw that you did not understand.  I want to know Darling what it was.

Dearest I am glad to hear that you have started to eat again.  Dearest I told you that I wanted to see you getting a little fatter.  I don’t know if I am gaining any or not.  I might if I don’t have to drill every week.

Dearest I still think that you should go and see the fellows that I wanted you to, for Darling it might get worse before (somebody) would get to visit.  Dearest I know you try and keep me from knowing, but Darling you know it is no use.

Dearest I guess I will have to just set and read when I am up there the next time and not cause you any more excitement, for I can not stand to have any thing hurt you Darling.  So Dearest if I just sit around and read you will know the reason.

Darling you need not worry about the order I have but one is all ready I am just waiting till it is filled.  Dearest how long will it be before the package arrives?

Darling you said in the letter that I am answering now that you have a bad cold.  Please Dearest take good care of your self and get over it soon.  Darling I sure hope that it gets better soon for I don’t want any thing to hurt you not even a cold.

Darling I am thinking of you all the time.  I had a wonderful dream about us last night.  I will tell you when I see you.  I hope Dearest that you don’t dream and almost choke Mom like you did once.  Dearest just wait till I see Jimmie.  I will have to bring him some candy for making you be still when you are in bed.  Wouldn’t I have some time sleeping with you talking in your sleep all the time.

Darling tell Sheila if she wants herself a Yank git some one else.  Tell her the Dearest Sweetest girl in the world has me all ready.

Darling you can thank them for introducing us the first night, but Dearest I saw you any way and afterwards there was nothing that could of kept me from seeing you, for I loved you the first time I saw you, and Darling I love you more all the time.

I will have to say Good night for now.  I will write tomorrow night.  All my love forever.

Your Loving Husband

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