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Harry to Mary: 2 January 1945

February 11th, 2012 · No Comments

[Letter addressed to Mrs. Harry V. C., c/o Mrs. J. W., 20 Block Street, Dundee, Scotland.  Return addressed to Cpl. Harry V. C., 33428766, 1409th A.A.F. Base Unit, E.D.A.T.C. A.P.O. 741 c/o P.M., U.S. Army.]


Darling Mary:

Well here is another little note letting you know that I received that I love my Darling little wife more and more.  I am well and getting along.  I received a letter from you today Dearest.  It was the one with the names in it.  Darling I think they were just fine, all we need now is what they are for.  Dear you said there was a dozen stamps in the parcel you sent me.  I could only find six.  I still have a lot yet so please don’t worry.  I will always find stamps to send my letters to you for, Darling, I just could not keep from writing.  I thought it would be hard writing every night but you know, Dearest, it is not so hard after all.  These notes of mine might seem crazy to you, but I don’t know.  You see Darling there is nothing to say only that I love you so awful much, and always will for ever.

Darling I forgive you for the trick you played on me at Tay Port [Tayport, across the Firth of Tay river from Dundee], but Dearest what would I do if I came up there and it was not a trick?  What if I would just move it?  But Darling I don’t think I would.  Do you Dopey Darling?

Darling how was New Years up there in Dundee? around where you live?  Hirsch just got back from up there today and he said he sure had a time.  I only wish that I could have been up there to celebrate New Years with you.

Darling you know what I said about just looking at you?  Well my Dear just forget I said that for I could never just look at you with out kissing you.  I guess you know that by now don’t you Dopey.  Dear you know I never felt like I did the first night before in my life.  You was the first one I ever went to bed with before in my life besides my Mother when I was about the size of Jimmie so you know how it would be.  Darling it seems like every body up there has a baby son.  So Darling we will have to be in style with the rest, but it might be some time yet.

Well Darling I am sending you another pound in this and I sure hope that you get it.  Let me know how many you receive will you Dear?  This pound will make three so far.  I will send you two more yet then I will have to quit for a while for I want some when I come up.  Well Dopey how is the work at the office getting along.  Tell the bunch of twerps that you work with that I said Hello and to stay away from the house and let us sleep when I am with you.

I am going to say Good Night now my Darling Wife till tomorrow
All My Love Forever
Your Loving Husband

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