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Should the lark cease singing because winter must come? – Ling Po

April 1st, 2008 · 1 Comment

Harold Lloyd in The Cat's Paw
For a brief time, a very brief time (like about six hours), this video clip was posted on Spitball Army.  Nearly as soon as I was able to embed it, it was blocked by the YouTube member sponsoring it.  After several attempts to circumvent the technology that would not allow the clip to be shown on this site, and e-mailing that YouTube member (who decided not to waste her time with a reply), I am posting the link to the clip here:


The video clip is a series of scene fragments from a 1934 film entitled The Cat’s Paw, in which Harold Lloyd plays a missionary with a propensity for quoting the wisdom of Ling Po.  It is hilarious and inspired and beautifully edited.  Again, here’s the link.  Please watch it, mark it as a favorite, have a few good laughs, and take a moment to ask the YouTube member hosting the clip (her name is asagara) to enable embedding.

After all, should the video be blocked because the candidate with the majority of the popular vote can’t bowl? – Ling Po.

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  • 1 Bob // Jul 25, 2012 at 10:59 PM

    Loved the movie… it should be required viewing in civics class. YouTube has removed the video clip. Too bad, folks would have enjoyed it.

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