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Dear Ralph: 4 April 1944

October 19th, 2011 · No Comments

[V-mail addressed to Ralph N., Richmond, California.  Return addressed to E.R.G., C.M. 3/C, 55th Battalion, Company D, Platoon 4, c/o FPO San Francisco, California. Envelope postmarked 10 April 1944 at 8 p.m.]

April – 4 – 44.

Dear Ralph,

Just got myself a much needed haircut after waiting in line for almost two hours so now will attempt to answer a few letters.  Boy will it ever be a pleasure to get away from these darn continual lines.  Wait till we stand in that long line for our discharge papers.  That will be okay.  Remember Tony Berlucci?  He is a Chief Officer now, somewhere in this area, on one of your Yard #2 products.  Would like to run into him.  Not much chance though because our stay here is just about over.  Just my luck too, after meeting a lovely blonde recently.  Winter will soon be here though, so I don’t mind moving out.  Say, none of us can take cool weather anymore.  Don’t know how I’ll like that bay-region fog and cold if and when we get to it again.  Guess I’ll have to roll out the long handles.

So long for now.

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