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Dear Ralph: 25 November 1943

September 10th, 2011 · No Comments

[V-mail addressed to Ralph N., Richmond, California.  Return addressed to E.R.G., C.M. 3/C, 55th Battalion, Company D, Platoon 4, c/o FPO San Francisco, California. Envelope postmarked 30 November 1943 at 10 p.m.]

Nov. 25 – 43.

Dear Ralph –

So you’re 2B for another few months.  Good for you cause you can do more good over there than here.  Take it from one who knows.  All of us were given a shot in each arm yesterday and my right one is still sore as a boil.  Typhus and tetanus shots they were.  I spent my five days down in Sydney, where the beer flows freely and there are more girls than fellows.  A perfect liberty town for sailors aside from being a very beautiful up to date city.  Even the people there are more like Americans than any Aussies we’ve met.  I picked up a very nice brunette there (you know us, one in every port).  Back at work here again, helping to build up this base.  We had eight days off, a nice rest after 7 months in the jungle, huh?  Some of the fellows are really worn out, a few in the hospital.  I’m having some late snap-shots taken of me so hope to send you one in a few weeks.  It’s nice to have a camera over here.  Guess what!  In Sydney, you can buy cameras and films.  Nice go, huh?  I hear Harry is down here too but not close enough for us to get together.  Do you hear from him and Red Kuder?  Write again Ralph.

So long now –

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