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Dick to Crystal: 25 June 1944 (V-mail #1)

July 20th, 2011 · No Comments

[V-mail addressed to Mrs. Richard N., Berwyn, Illinois. Return addressed to Richard N., c/o Fleet Post Off. Envelope postmarked 30 June 1944 at 10 p.m.]

June 25, 1944

My Darling,

How are you sweet, good here, too. As I suspected, there was no mail to-day but we foiled them, huh, we have a big reserve for just such a purpose, so hang on for your June 15 Hrump er let me get this right, hon. This is the letter where you told me all about Nadine’s birthday party, remember? I want to get this straight now. I have read it over and over, hon, and I don’t think I have read it wrong, but I certainly hope so! In it, I read your writing and it looks to me like you wrote that there was “a girlfriend, cousin Martha, Fritz and you,” right? “You went for cokes,” right? “The cousin went home,” right? “Nadine slept on the davenport,” right? “Martha on Nadine’s single bed,” right? “Fritz and you on Nadine’s folks’ bed,” right? Well, hon, [yes or no]? I don’t understand, hon – I can’t seem to get it. Even if that happened for a joke, I can’t laugh at it, I absolutely fail to see the humor in it! I can’t see a man sleeping with another man’s wife – it just isn’t done under any circumstances.

[End of this V-mail. It is continued in the following V-mail, also of 25 June 1944.]

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