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Dick to Crystal: 23 June 1944

July 16th, 2011 · No Comments

[V-mail addressed to Mrs. Richard N., Berwyn, Illinois. Return addressed to Richard N., c/o Fleet Post Off. Envelope postmarked 30 June 1944 at 10 p.m.]

June 23, 1944

My Darling,

I forgot to thank you much for the clippings. How are you, sweet, good me I’m too also. The mail man, him make me heap much glad to-day, him bring me your June 9th air mail and June 14th & 15th V-mails. I’m going to answer your June 9th first, ho kay hon? Say, those pictures of Marie A. and Jimmy S. were very good – I sure had to laugh at that one with Jimmy. Is he at Hines Hospital hon, boy it sure is swell if he is – he deserves it. No hon, I didn’t get my “Blurple Heart” yet – I will probably die of old age before I do get it too at the rate things are going for me. I am actually afraid the CG has forgot all about me and I think I have been lost again – well, I am used to the fact that they lose me often, though. Hon, I have sent the pictures of Chuck Levy to him. He has been transferred from here and I haven’t talked to him lately and I don’t know if he knows anything about it or not so I sent them to him. However, I noticed that Chuck goes in for sporting campaign bars that he doesn’t deserve, you see how silly that is; boy, is he going to take a razzing on that. However, I thought it was very nice that you thought of sending them to me, sweet, as I said over and over again, you are always so very thoughtful, honey, and I love you so much and miss you so.

More to-morrow, all my love

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