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Dick to Crystal: 4 November 1942

July 2nd, 2011 · No Comments

[Letter postmarked on 4 November 1942 at 4 p.m. at Alton, Illinois. Addressed to Miss Crystal K., Berwyn, Illinois. Return addressed to Richard N., Portage Des Sioux, Mo.]

November 4, 1942
Alton, Ill.
above Dam
1:00 o’clock

Hello Darling,

How is my little wify now? I am fine, dear. This whole patrol [I] felt as though I could lick the world – do you know why, hon? I think you do, hon.

The trip back was uneventful. The train was 10 minutes late out of Chicago and 15 minutes late into Alton. I had a whole seat for my self to sleep in until 5 minutes before the train left Chicago. 3 Navy men came on and one plunked himself next to me. Darn. He was a cook on those invasion barges we saw in St. Louis going up the river. He said the barges were all right in the rivers but as soon as they got in the lakes it was bad. They went in circles, got flooded, and hit a lot of things. He said once they hit the lake he couldn’t cook any thing, either.

After I got off the train, I was going to take a bus into town. As a car was passing and I wiggled my thumb and they stopped for me and took me to the bridge. Then I walked the rest of the way to the boat above the dam – about ½ mile and picked up the boat at 7:30. This whole patrol has been very cold. Every morning, there was ice on any small pools of water. Very little sunshine.

Honey, these liberties don’t do me any good, honey. I get home and I don’t want to go back. When I do get back I keep thinking of the things we did when I was home and I want to turn around and come tearing right back to you. I don’t think I will ever forget that Saturday night at your house – will you, hon?

Well, darling, I haven’t much more to say because I said most of it at home. That was quite a talk we had that night, wasn’t it? I will close now honey by telling you I love you more every minute and will continue to do so, hon. Good-by now. Keep those wonderful letters coming, hon.

Dick xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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