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George to Crystal: 14 October 1941

May 25th, 2011 · No Comments

[Letter postmarked on 15 October 1941 at 8:30 a.m. at Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Addressed to Miss Crystal K., Berwyn, Ilinois. Return addressed to Geo. B., Greensburg, Pennsylvania.]

Greensburg, Pa.
October 14, ‘41

Dear Crystal:

So the next time I see my Honey-Bunches, there will be some part of her missing – doggone – I didn’t know that your tonsils were bothering you.

Out here the Doctors say that tonsils are the best defence against Strep-throat or (Polio), another name for Inf. Paralysis or something – too bad you had to lose your pals. – Anyway, they’re gone, so what! I’m glad the operation was successful. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to go back to work, you will get your share of it.

By the way, who is this Dick who is away at School, and what does “Delta Tau Delta” mean, please explain; because to me, that is just a certain way to hook up a group of transformers (electric). Anyway, he sure knows when to come home – Thanksgiving time – He sure has a lot to be Thankful for – A pretty girl like you, I mean. I just come off duty and this was a dreary night. Rain all evening up to mid-nite. At 6:15 PM, an Army plane crashed near Armbrust about 5 miles from here and two U.S. Army fliers were killed. 1st Lt. Marshall E. Stewart from Phoenix, Ariz. And Doctor Schluger from Dayton, Ohio. They were from Kelly Field in San Antonio, Texas, and were lost, couldn’t find a Field to land on and crashed near some drillers’ Derricks which were all lit up as the men were working nights, sinking gas wells. – The fliers would have had more chance for their lives if they had gained altitude and then jumped out. The Pilot must have been used to level country. Out here it’s all hills & valleys. – Too bad. –

You say you are going to have some time for yourself between now & Thanksgiving. Boy, I wish I could come out there now. As it is, I’ve used up my Vac-time and my lucky streak didn’t work, as to-morrow a couple of our men are leaving for Wisconsin and they will be stopping off in Chicago for a Day. I will just have to wait until next time, I guess, and I hope it will be Thanksgiving day. Say, when are you going to be 21???

George. –

When you write letters, you usually make them real short, so I just figured that I would fool you by signing off sudden like. However, you said in your letter that you didn’t know where I got the idea that you didn’t want me to come out there again. Well, did you ever hear of an idea called “Dick?” O’ boy, some goils just can’t catch on. Anyway, you have to work things out for yourself and no doubt “Dick” is a swell, respectable fellow or you wouldn’t be going out with him, and since circumstances are as they are, I am too far away to even think of being a competitor. Boy, but I sure would like to. Maybe some day my chance will come like, say, an out of state job for an indefinite period, – I sure would try to make the most of it. From now on, I will be hoping for a chance like that. Meanwhile, let your heart be your guide. Be a good little girl and things will turn out for the best. –

Sincerely, the 2nd –
George. –

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